About the Kensington Sinfonia Society

Andrea Case, Artistic Director

Genevieve Micheletti, Artistic Director

Nathaniel Schmidt, President

Kiara Rautenbach, Treasurer and Director

John Thompson, Director

Kevin Kim, Secretary



Hilary Munro, Director

Fred Burns, Director

Dylan Callaghan, Director

Kensington Sinfonia is legally organized as a non-profit society in the province of Alberta, and is also a registered charity in Canada. The Society was founded at the time of the inception of the Sinfonia in 1988 and has been continuously governed by a volunteer Board of Directors since that time. The responsibility of the Board of Directors is to ensure appropriate financial resources exist to continue to pursue the Sinfonia's performance activities, maintain the charitable status of the Society, and generally, assist in the development of the Sinfonia. The Board of Directors is composed of musicians and other artists as well as professionals from a range of industries and in all walks of life. They share in common a desire to continue to promote instrumental music in Calgary and to further the Sinfonia's activities.


The Board of Directors has enacted a policy making all season subscribers members of the Society for the term of their subscription (which ends June 30 of each year), plus six months into the following concert season (therefore ending December 31 each year). Any member of the public may also join the Society at no charge by requesting to do so.


The Board of Directors has enacted a policy making the Society's yearly financial statements available on this website. These statements are also available through several other sources via the provincial government.

Kensington Sinfonia 2016-2017 Financial Statements
Kensington Sinfonia Society 2016-2017 Fi
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Kensington Sinfonia 2015-2016 Financial Statements
Kensington Sinfonia Society 2015-2016 Fi
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