Kensington Sinfonia is proud to announce its new collaboration with Village Brewery: Village Sessions.


Featuring Kensington Sinfonia's String Quintet led by our incoming Artistic Director Laura Reid collaborating with a Calgary musician and a limited edition Kensington Sinfonia beer brewed for each show.


Doors open at 7:30PM and music starts at 8:00PM. Included is a complimentary tour of the brewery before and after the show.


Tickets are $25 and include a pint of Village beer. Tickets available at the door or may be reserved by e-mail:



Amy Nelson


November 17th


Isn't all music folk music?  We pose that question when Amy Nelson brings her old-time banjo stylings to join the strings of Kensington Sinfonia.  Amy is a multi-talented artist who charms audiences through live performance and digital media.  Not just confined the creative corners of new and historical folk music, she spins visual and written magic on her blog

Kris Ellestad



February 22nd


Beauty can be found in music of all kinds, and not just the kind of beauty that's pretty and ethereal but the kind that is deep and profound and reminds you of the pain and joy of being human.  Kris Ellestad's music has this whole range of beauty, and the addition of Kensington Sinfonia promises to expand the expressive potential of his compositional gems.

Darren Young


May 31


Guitarist extraordinaire Darren Young brings his eclectic and nuanced playing to his Kensington collaboration.  Darren has a Calgary music scene gold star for his vast and varied projects: President of the Classical Guitar Society of Calgary, music educator, founding member of prog rock band Diatesseron, and member of countless bands, most recently playing with Evan Freeman, Lucky Sonne, The Northwest Passage, and Jung People.