Featuring Kensington Sinfonia's String Quintet collaborating with Calgary musicians with a limited edition Kensington Sinfonia beer


Doors at 7:30PM - Music at 8:00PM.


Tickets are $25 and include a pint of Village beer and a complimentary brewery tour. Purchase Village Sessions Subscriptions below as well as Main Series Subscriptions and Combined Subscriptions.


Due to COVID-19, the board of Kensington Sinfonia has been working hard on a number of different projects and we will keep you up to date as details become concrete.


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We look forward to the next time we are able to make music for you and wish everyone the best of health.

Samantha Savage Smith

November 7, 2019

Sometimes no matter how many times you might have heard a singer, it is so special that it always feels like a surprise. Samantha Savage Smith has that magic. She is a multi-talented creative force: songwriter, instrumentalist, singer, and generous spirit in Calgary’s music community. Her music is poppy without being corny, catchy without being simple, bold without wearing it on her sleeve.







Nia Devetzis

March 5, 2020


Nia Devetzis is a percussionist that explores the new frontiers of the sound world with curiosity and contagious joy. A core member of Timepoint Ensemble, she has played everything from new compositions for traditional mallet instruments to breaking glass as part of the Veronika Krausas score for Calgary Opera’s recent premiere “Ghost Opera.” Combining improvisation and interpretation skills, she always brings an audience in to new experiences with an open heart and thoughtful ear.






May 21, 2020

Making a genre of her own, and often acting as an entire band unto herself, FOONYAP has wowed audiences across Canada and beyond since her full-length solo debut, Palimpsest, in the Fall of 2016. Her influences are diverse: early studies as a Classical violinist, playing with Calgary indie bands like Woodpigeon, and knowledge of traditional Chinese music. She brings together her lifetime of sonic influences into her own language, combining acoustic and electronic sounds that keep a thread from the folk and Classical worlds while moving ahead on her own path.