2019/2020 Main Series Concerts


All concerts begin at 3:00PM



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Due to COVID-19, the board of Kensington Sinfonia has been working hard on a number of different projects and we will keep you up to date as details become concrete.


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We look forward to the next time we are able to make music for you and wish everyone the best of health.

Beauty of the Eye

October 27, 2019

Music and Visual Arts have been interconnected for centuries, whether it be composers working together with visual artists for mutual inspiration, or even the treasured instruments of the past becoming artworks on their own. In this opening concert of the season, we will explore the power of music to evoke imagery, whether through the abstract work of Calgarian Arthur Bachmann’s “Glass Clouds” or Jean Francaix’s music inspired by the paintings of Renoir.





Beauty of the Word

February 23, 2020

Instrumental music’s connection to words and text may seem odd or even impossible, but this is what makes finding a connection even more interesting. Can we find connections in the life of a composer, or in a point of inspiration, or in the thread of storytelling? This concert features works by Hildegard von Bingen, composer and poet, to Canadian Jean Coulthard’s Essays for Octet, Frank Bridge’s “Novelletten,” and Leos Janacek’s String Quartet No. 1, inspired by Tolstoy’s short story “The Kreutzer Sonata.”




Beauty of the Stage

May 10, 2020

To think of some theatre without music would be to change it completely. The worlds of music and dance have always been part of the same woven thread, pre-”talkie” films would often have live musical accompaniment, Shakespeare would incorporate instrumental interludes into performances of his plays. Music by composers closely associated with film will be featured, Hollywood’s Bernard Hermann and National Film Board’s Eldon Rathburn, alongside music written for contemporary dance by Calgary’s Nathaniel Schmidt, Marjan Mozetich’s “Songline to Heaven and Dance to Earth.”


SPECIAL PERFORMANCE with Calgary Bach Society

The Glory of Vivaldi

Sunday June 7, 3:30PM - Knox United Church - 506 4 St SW

Kensington Sinfonia is pleased to announce a new collaboration for the 2019-2020 season with the Calgary Bach Society. Join us as we present Vivaldi's amazing Gloria alongside the Calgary Bach Society Choir. Kensington Sinfonia will also be performing selected works to be announced in the first half of the concert. You won't want to miss this stunning collaboration. For more information click here.